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Gary Maitland


Gary Maitland is a visionary thinker. He is inspired to lead, develops elite-minded athletes of all levels and supports aspiring leaders in sport.

More About Me

Gary Maitland is a visionary thinker. He is inspired to lead, support aspiring leaders and develop elite-minded athletes of all levels.
With a rich experience of working in sport, Gary believes that a coach’s main responsibility is to create a love of learning.

“I work with coaches and athletes to support their personal and professional development. I offer high performance coaching and mentoring with a particular focus on raising standards and self-evaluation.”

As an elite skill development basketball coach, Gary has trained a number of professional and top level amateur athletes. His comprehensive training programmes are individually tailored to meet the needs of each client.

“Specificity. When I work with athletes, it’s crucial that they know I’m not going to waste their time. I study my clients to ensure my sessions are purposeful and reflect the actions they are expected to perform in a competitive environment.”

Gary’s portfolio of effective leadership also includes working with brands and organisations such as Coca Cola, Jordan Brand, Loveless Production, The Greenhouse Charity and Amaechi Performance.