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James Purchin

San Luis Obispo, CA

James Purchin is a basketball teacher with a broad range of coaching and consulting experience ranging from adolescent academies to the Division I level. James is committed to the philosophy that growth as a player requires growth as a person, and focuses on instilling the qualities of leadership, teamwork, and discipline in the adolescents that he works with. James’ extensive basketball knowledge has contributed to a powerful and effective approach to player skill development, where emphasis on fundamentals and an embrace of innovative new drills has helped him to improve players’ on-court development. As the current 3Ball Academy Girls Program Director, James focuses on both individual and team training as well as providing a recruiting service for high school players. In this recruiting capacity, James is proud to have helped over 40 athletes achieve their dream of playing college athletics. Also for the last two years James has been working with Point Guard College (PGC). With PGC, James travels across the country as a Basket Instructor & Site Manager. Prior to 3Ball Academy & PGC, James received his Bachelor of Arts in sociology from the University of Oregon, where he also attained his certificate in Sports Conflict & Resolution. While at Oregon, James worked with the University of Oregon Women’s Basketball team under former NBA, WNBA, and NCAA, coach Paul Westhead. During this time, James gained invaluable knowledge of the Division I game and a strong understanding of the proper way to train athletes. James’ plan is to continue studying & expanding his knowledge in player development and life skills to help grow the athletes of today.