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Jordan Delp

Moline, IL

Jordan graduated in 2008 from Augustana College (Rock Island, IL) with a degree in Business Administration.

More About Me

While attending college, he was a member of a very successful Men’s Basketball Team, winning five conference championships and advancing to the NCAA Tournament twice. After spending five years as an Investment Analyst at QCR Holdings, Inc, he decided to leave the banking world and follow his true passion – helping basketball players reach their full potential. He has worked as a volunteer for a number of different programs and has coached players of all ages and skill levels, working with as many players as possible. As his passion for teaching the game continued to grow, he decided to open his own skill development business, Cut Above Basketball and after three years of pulling double duty at the bank and coaching, he decided to begin coaching full time in June of 2014. Now, he offers skill development coaching to players as a Skills Coach for Pure Sweat Basketball. He is continually working to improve as a coach, while developing relationships with coaches and players and ensuring that every player that he works with learns what it takes to be successful both on and off the court.