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Pure Sweat Basketball
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Michael Boos

Madison, WI

Pure Sweat Basketball Training offers progressive curriculum, detailed player evaluations, customized workouts, and game-simulated drills.

More About Me

Pure Sweat Basketball is a training organization that was developed by top NBA skills coach, Drew Hanlen. Drew has worked extensively with over 35 NBA clients. His day to day clients include Brad Beal (Washington Wizards), Dewight Howard (Houston Rockets), Zach Levine (Minnesota Timberwolves), and Andrew Wiggins (Minnesota Timberwolves).Drew's mission is to create workouts that focus 100% on game-like movements and reads.

Michael Boos, the Skills Coach for Wisconsin, works with basketball players using this progressive USA Basketball Certified curriculum. This curriculum offers detailed player evaluations, customized workouts, game-simulated drills, and homework on off days. Pure Sweat Training covers skills ranging from shooting mechanics to isolation and separation moves. Also covered in the hour and a half sessions are finishing techniques, dribbling and ball handling pressure, passing and catching, and how to use screens and defense. Pure Sweat Basketball gives players the opportunity to improve their skills in order for them to perform at a high level.

Our mission is to improve the performance of each individual player's skill sets and abilities, furthermore bettering their chances at reaching the next level.